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Heya there!
I’m Olive, a 30-year-old demisexual lady who likes to spread creativity and joy. I’m a Black Philly native with a penchant for adding a little bit of my vibrant, unique flavor to the things I enjoy. Outside of being an avid cat appreciator, I also love to play video games (Monster Hunter my beloved) and create characters, stories, and worlds of my own. I have a wife and two kids who I absolutely adore with all my heart and I’m hoping to settle down with them in a place we can call home in the near future.

I started my art journey when I was a kid, enjoying the perks of having siblings to collaborate with on elaborate stories of our toys’ many escapades. That journey of course paired up with our absolute love for video games, which we’ve carried on well into our current adult lives. Crash Team Racing, Raiden II, Jak 3, and Bloody Roar 3 were some of our all-time favorite games.

I enjoy bright, fun colors and good vibes–I’ve always been seen as a sun-shiny lassie. Yes, my nickname is Olive. Yes, my logo is an orange. Citrus tend to have vivid colors and deviantART didn’t have an olive emote, per se.

Oh god, deviantART.

We’ll talk about that later.

Outside of the usual freelancer antics, I wear many, many, many, MANY hats. I draw, I sing, I write, I compose music, I code, I tried designing games at one point–the list is extensive! And these are some nice, tiny hats.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and ask me! I’ll probably talk about why I do what I do in the future as well as a quick QnA to see what you’re all curious about.

Toodles for now!

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